The Wedding Flowers After The Wedding

You have already spent hundreds or 1000s of dollars on flowers for your wedding event. You wouldn’t like all individuals beautiful flowers to die, so why wouldn’t you preserve them and employ them around your house?

You can flowers over a couple of various ways. I’ll explain the next:

* Professional upkeep

* Pressing

* Air drying

* Silica gel

Professional Upkeep

Utilizing a professional to preserve your flowers is easily the most efficient and reliable way to maintain your flowers. Professionals usually make use of the freeze-dry method, also referred to as lyophilization, that takes roughly four days.

Each flower should be placed individually within the freezer. Therefore, the initial step towards the freeze-drying process would be to clip each flower individually. The stems ought to be about 1 inch tall. After each flower is clipped, it’s put into the freezer. This freezer is going to be set in a temperature of approximately twenty levels F below zero. All the moisture is than taken off the flowers utilizing a vacuum. Once they are dried, the flowers are progressively restored to 70 degrees.

An expert ought to be consulted about two several weeks prior to the wedding to assure they’re going to have time and also the room to preserve your flowers. When selecting an expert, you need to speak with them concerning the following stages in the freeze-drying process. Without many of these steps, you may be disappointed over time.

* You would like them to pre-treat and re-hydrate the flowers before freeze-drying them. If this isn’t done, the colour from the flowers may fade plus they might not take a look at natural.

* You might want to inquire if they photograph each bouquet so that they will reassemble them properly. Keep in mind that to be able to freeze dry them, each flower is placed within the freezer individually.

* Following the freeze-drying process, you would like them to publish-treat them. Throughout the publish-treatment, they’ll dip each flower right into a solution and build a transparent layer. This layer will safeguard the flowers from items like light and humidity.

You might want to ship the flowers towards the preservationist. To do this securely, the flowers ought to be laid inside a large plastic bag. To keep the flowers fresh, you need to blow air in to the bag, twist the bag shut and set it in to the refrigerator. You won’t want the shipment of those flowers to consider greater than 2 days.


If you don’t possess the budget to possess your flowers professionally preserved and you don’t have a lot of flowers, you are able to press them yourself. In case your flowers naturally have flat faces for example pansies, petunias, violas and daisies, they’ll press effortlessly. For those who have full flowers for example roses, each petal ought to be pressed individually and really should be placed together again once the flower is totally dried.

To be able to begin this method, you have to purchase or create a flower press. These are available at the favorite craft store or created using two boards and a few weights. First, have a flower and put it between two bits of blotting paper and set this inside a flower press. Leave them for around two days so that they can dry completely.

Air Drying

Air Drying is among the more approaches to preserve flowers. First, separate the flowers into small bundles, go ahead and take leaves off and tie the stems together. You need to look for a warm, dark room and hang up the bundles upside lower. It will require roughly 2 to 3 days to dry completely.

These flowers is going to be stiff. Some colors, for example yellow and blue, could keep their shade but other colors, for example pink, will fade. Expect some flowers for example roses and peonies to contract just a little throughout the air drying process.

Silica Gel

To be able to begin the silica gel upkeep, you have to purchase around three pounds from the gel out of your local nursery or craft store for each twelve average-sized flowers.

First, locate an airtight container and fill the underside inch using the silica gel. Take away the leaves of the flowers and cut the stems to around one-1 / 2 inch lengthy and put them upright within the gel. You’ll then pour more gel in to the perimeter from the container without touching the flowers. Following this is finished, you need to tap around the container so the gel covers the flowers. You don’t want to pour directly to the flowers since it will weigh the flowers lower. You might continue doing this step around you have to to ensure that the flowers to become completely covered. When each flower is coated, you need to pour another inch of silica gel on the top. The container ought to be sealed and left for around per week to dry. This process is ideal for flowers which are more full for example roses.

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