4 Winter Wedding Trends to Follow for Las Vegas Wedding Elopement Ceremony


Everyone loves winter weddings. It seems heavenly for the nuptials and cooler seasons are much favorable and quieter times to say, “I do.” We have listed some of the best winter wedding trends to follow for your Las Vegas wedding elopement ceremony.

  1. The fashionable fabrics

Vegas is usually cooler, so you need to don heavier garments that bear the jewel tone colors and layer them. You can also choose velvet as it is a tad bit bulky and perfect for outdoor nuptials for the bride as well as the groom. And when it comes to weather, and you are concerned about the seasonal trends for venue, head to https://www.customlasvegasweddings.com/planning-a-vegas-wedding-essential-seasonal-tips/ now! Let’s get back to the fabrics. Strong colors rev up the essence of the dress as well as the weather. Go for burgundy or forest green, deep sapphire or amethyst for your dresses. Charm it up with a touch of silver or gold glitter. And add a fur shrug or shawl to complete the outfit.

  1. The cake and the icing

During weddings in the wintertime, wedding cake is another interesting aspect of the big day. The latest trend is the ruffled effect where an unfussy design or many layers with the ruffled layers and the florals. It casts a charming look. Many choose the metallic effect as well. Edible metallic sequins are added along with a metallic leaf. Pretty colors like rose gold and copper add uniqueness to your wedding cake.

  1. Cocoa is the best

Couples are really into chocolate these days. So, why don’t you go for having a corner just for hot chocolate to celebrate the event as well as warm up the bride, groom, and the guests? Put in a little Kahlua or Peppermint Schnapps, marshmallow vodka or cinnamon liquor. Enrich the flavor of your hot cocoa and make it more celebratory. You can also put on some candy canes to make it look more charming as a wintery wedding vibe. The cute white and red striped candies can also be used as a stirrup to stir your hot cocoa. You just get to be a little creative.

  1. The lightings

Nothing can make the wintery wedding affair more fairylike when you install some strands of lights in the outdoors. You can get the most amazing backdrop there is which can be draped across the rocks or wrapped around the trees nearby. Add a rustic feel to the venue by using strings of white light.

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